Pillars of the Institution

Pillars of the Institution

In Situ: Stories of Johannesburg High-Rises

Mpho Mokgadi

‘In Situ: Stories of Johannesburg High-Rises’ reflects on the contemporary state of several key architectural structures in Johannesburg’s inner city.

Pillars of the Institution

The Museum as a Thinking Protocol: The Formation of the Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation

Clive Kellner

As a philanthropic initiative, JCAF’s mission is to foreground knowledge about and from the South as an epistemological framework.

Pillars of the Institution

Johannesburg as Refraction of Dissonant Times

Edgar Pieterse

The triangulating of inequality, environmental sustainability and political failure in Johannesburg as an aporia to that of artistic and creative examples from the Global South.

Pillars of the Institution

Agency and the Machine: Knowledge, Digitality and the Global South

Tegan Bristow

The bloom of knowledge in networks at this time benefits from transmission across the Global South of global digital networks.