Southern Epistemologies

Southern Epistemologies

Espaço Modulado (1958)

Lygia Clark

Brazilian artist Lygia Clark’s ‘Modular Space’ (1958) is comprised of a monochromatic modular composition consisting of positive and negative planes, and reflects a moment in Clark’s practice as she moved away from the representational to the sensorial.

Southern Epistemologies

‘Women in the South in Relation to Women in the North’ and ‘Women’s Voice in the North–South Dialogue’

Nawal El Saadawi

Egyptian writer, doctor and activist, Nawal El Saadawi explores the topic of women in the South in relation to the North offering a feminist critique of Western aid and its impact on Africa.

Southern Epistemologies

The Museum, the Colony and the Planet: Territories of the Imperial Imagination

Arjun Appadurai

The museum is a project of the Western imperial imagination, what Appadurai refers to as ‘the still life of Empire’ in which the museum and colony are on opposite ends of the same conundrum.

Southern Epistemologies

Future Knowledges and Their Implication for the Decolonisation Project

Achille Mbembe

Achille Mbembe asks whether academic institutions can be spaces of radical hospitality or whether they are simply sites of power?